painting on the roof-Robin Popp.jpg

Robin Popp


Born in south Florida into a family of artists, Robin has painted since she was old enough to hold the brush. She spent a short time at Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL, and graduated as a cabinetmaker from Pinellas Technical College. Her favorite medium is oils and loves to work en plein air. She teaches painting both locally in Florida, and at John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina. She and her husband reside on a farm west of Gainesville, Florida, while their three grown children live all over the world.

Artist Statement:

A Naturalist at heart, I am ever inspired by creation. Every walk in the woods and every encounter with an animal brings me a sense of awe. As humans, we are made of earth and I love exploring this connection. My art explores the contrast of the fleeting human element against the freshness of nature. The story becomes a balance of timelessness against rust, and aging against the ageless.

I use oil paint for its luminosity as well as for the enduring, earthly elements that compose the paint itself. These humble ingredients are elevated through the process of art making. Often, my paintings are landscapes painted on location in the tradition of the masters. This gives me a better understanding of the light, color and movement in the natural world. Many of these are combined with assemblages which include pieces of past industrial components. Things we have abandoned in industrial progress are infused with new life.