A Week in the Mountains

It's always such a gift to go teach at John C Campbell Folk School! I never know what season I will be there, but when they invite me to teach a class I always say "Yes!!" as fast as I can. Every class is an assortment of personalities. I had six this time, one of them my daughter, Cat Pope. Six different levels of skill, six different set's of goals for the week. More than anything, my goal was to push them (just a little) to try something new. I think it was a success. They all went home with smiles on their faces, beautiful paintings tucked under their arms, and hugs and kisses good-bye.

They were not the only ones pushing a little harder this week. I was so excited to be invited down to the blacksmith shop after dinner. Cat and I took our cameras the first night, and then I returned with my easel and paints the next night. I'm just so excited that I actually gave it a go. It's not my best work, but painting people from life is my next goal as a plein air artist. Here's my result. A big thank you to the instructor,, Matthew Clark. He had a roaring fire and heavy hammers going on all the while I painted. The class took pity on me and offered a set of ear plugs which I gladly accepted.

"Matthew at the Forge" 8 x 10, oil on panel.

matthew at the forge - Robin Popp.jpg