Tarpon Springs Paint and Photo

Just got back from the plein air painting event in Tarpon Springs, "Tarpon Springs Paint and Photo". My wonderful friend Elaine Hahn put me up in her gorgeous home right on the water. Every morning we woke with the sunrise and raced to paint as the light moved through the coolness of the morning. We shared some great Greek food, (one of my faves) and sipped wine as the sun went down over the bay.  One of our favorite spots is Brooker Creek Preserve. Acres of wild Florida right in the middle of Pinellas County.

Here's a painting I did from a little bridge over the creek that runs through the park. The light filtered into the tree canopy and changed by the minute. We spent two mornings there until the yellow deer flies ran us off. Poor Elaine was up all night scratching bug bites for the rest of the paint out. Right before we packed up and left the scene, a lone Ibis decided to skim the waterway with it's bill in search of a treat. Can you see him? I snapped a few photos and added him as the finishing touch. "Ibis in a Quiet Moment" 11x14 oil on linen. I was so excited to hear my name called as the winner of the Friends of Brooker Creek Award with this painting. It will be on display at the Heritage Museum until this weekend. Hope you get the chance to view all the works there this week.


Ibis in a Quiet Moment - Robin Popp.jpg