So proud to announce the very first painting in the Beauty for Barbuda Project! 

"White Bay" 12" x 16" oil on gallery wrap canvas

$650.00 USD

Email for availability at


The Beauty for Barbuda project is a way to help the country of Barbuda rebuild after the effects of Hurricane Irma in August of 2017. Here in Florida, we were affected mildly by the hurricane, but the impact on the tiny country of Barbuda was devastating. Robin is partnering with her husband to go down to the island and help them build a sustainable chicken farm. The methods used are low impact on the environment and can be done off-grid with little infrastructure. They have been farming this way for almost ten years on their farm, Laughing Chicken Farm, and have developed a method that will work in the tropics. They are currently working on a book to teach others how to grow chicken and eggs in warm climates, and hold workshops on their farm in north central Florida.


Robin will be producing artwork that will fund the ongoing relief efforts. Check back soon for the paintings that she is just finishing up. All purchases from this page are exclusive to this project and a portion of the price will go directly to the Barbuda Relief Network.